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Taking Back Our Dreams

In this day and age, people have forgotten about their dreams, usually listening to the masses whispering in our ears telling us that our dreams are nothing more than "pipe dreams". In time, most of us will drop the pursuit of our "happiness" our dreams, our personal idea of freedom and resign ourselves to jobs that make us spit and froth at the mouth like a rabid animals. Most of us break our backs for worthless checks that barely allow us to keep our heads above water. Some are actually successful financially, but work long hours and long nights preventing them from actually being with their families creating the sad classic scenario of my "father/mother was never around" that damages a relationship between a good parent and a developing child.

The sad fact is those who have money have no time, and those who have time have no money. Where do we draw the line? Better yet, who will draw the line? Could it be one person? Yes it could be, but it is not the line being drawn that makes the change, the difference, it's those who dare to cross it.

So with all that how are we ever supposed to accomplish our dreams, how are we ever supposed to have the time or the means? I ask you to look at the picture at the top of this page. Don't worry about where it was taken or when. Just look at it. Where would you like it to be? Imagine for a second you are the one that took the picture. What were you doing just before you took it, were you on vacation? Hiking? Or maybe you were spending time with a loved one somewhere and were lucky enough to catch a sunset like that. What did you do after the picture? How many of us even take the time to look at a sunset anymore? Or better yet, how many of us even have the time? It's sad how many will answer that they just don't have the time, or they are too tired, or maybe they just don't feel like doing much after work because they are worked into the ground every day of their lives. I understand that this is the way the world works, money, work, and then after 50 years of working maybe you can retire, but by then we're too tired to do what we want. It's a hard fact to swallow, but that's the way things are sadly. but does that mean that it can't change? Does that fact mean that the way the labor system works now is the way it will always be, or should be? I say no. People have forgotten their dreams while working for companies that slave their employees, work them into the ground, threaten their jobs if they don't work over time, threaten their jobs if they even dare call in when they have something as serious as the flu. The company you work for most likely does not care about you. They work their employees like slaves to cut back on employees but accomplish the same work load if not more to make a profit gap between X and Y, that gap becomes a bonus distributed among the upper management that had nothing to do with the ground work of making that money. I have personally asked many people if they knew about gain sharing, the bonuses. Sadly, most are shocked to learn of this. Most people have no idea that they are being exploited by those they work for, they have no idea how they're being treated when it is happening right there hiding in plain sight. And this is what people gave up their hopes and dreams for? to be stepped on? The first step in reclaiming your freedom and lost dreams is identifying the reason they were lost in the first place. Then, once you have identified the problem, it's time to fight against it. Work is a part life, it's a fact, and unless a situation like y2k actually happens it's a fact that won't bee changing anytime soon. But why does it have to work against our favor? Why can't a solution be made to raise the standard hours a day to be worked, a slight increase or decrease in wages to balance out the shift, and less days a week to be worked and all done with the same amount of employees pushing the same workload. No need for excessive hiring. That's just an idea being thrown out there with absolutely no details worked out at all. But it's an idea. An idea people should work on, figure it out, and once that is done, exploit it and pursue it. If people would just speak up in one voice. The world would have no choice but to listen. It's getting out of control. Something needs to be done where "people" can be human again.